Despite the very real threat of violent persecution and death, Hundreds of Iranian and Afghan Muslims are coming to Christ.

Elam Ministries reported that more than 200 Iranians and Afghans were baptized just outside Iran. Doing so inside the country could mean death.

“I never thought I would find freedom from my past, but Jesus has set me free,” one newly baptized Christian told Elam Ministries.

Despite the dangers of converting to Christianity, revival is breaking out in Iran—one of the most dangerous places to be a Christian.

“Twenty years ago, everyone thought there were 2,000-5,000 believers in Iran,” says Elam Ministries’ Mark Howard.

Today that number has grown more than ten-fold.

Howard says a “conservative estimate” is 300,000-400,000 Muslim converts to Christianity are now living in Iran.

“The Lord is really doing something,” Howard said. “Every day we have many coming to the Lord. If you give a starving person food and water, they will want to share it. That’s what they find in Jesus. They are so hungry and thirsty for the truth. They are experiencing it in a powerful way. When they do they want to share it with others,”

He says so many people are tired of Iran’s iron-fist government and are ready to find the truth.

“The Iranians are spiritual people. As many search for truth and hunger for the truth, it is natural to look for that in Jesus. When someone tells them about Jesus they are eager,” Howard said.

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