Baby Name Gender Meaning Origin
Saadya M God’s helper Hebrew
Sabra F To rest Hebrew
Sadie F Princess Hebrew
Salem M Peace Hebrew
Sallie F Princess Hebrew
Sally F Princess English
Saloma F Tranquil Hebrew
Salome F Tranquil Hebrew
Samantha F Told by God Hebrew
Samoel M Name of God Hebrew
Sampson M Bright sun Hebrew
Samson M Bright sun Hebrew
Samuel M Heard by God Hebrew
Samuela F Asked of God Hebrew
Saphira F Sapphire Hebrew
Sapphira F Beautiful Hebrew
Sara F Princess Hebrew
Sarah F Princess Hebrew
Sarai F Argumentative Hebrew
Sarita F Princess Hebrew
Sasson M Joy Hebrew
Saul M Asked for Hebrew
Schlomit F Tranquil Hebrew
Schmaiah M God hears Hebrew
Schmuel M Asked of God Hebrew
Seanan M Gift from God Hebrew
Segulah F Precious Hebrew
Sela F Rock Hebrew
Sele F Rock Hebrew
Seleta F Rock Hebrew
Selima F Tranquil Hebrew
Semadar F Berry Hebrew
Serafim M An angel like being of a lower order Hebrew
Serafin M An angel like being of a lower order Hebrew
Serafine F Burning fire Hebrew
Seraphim M An angel like being of a lower order Hebrew
Seraphina F Burning fire Hebrew
Seraphine F Burning fire Hebrew
Serefina F Burning fire Hebrew

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Baby Name Gender Meaning Origin
Set M Compensation Hebrew
Seth M Appointed Hebrew
Shalom M Peaceful Hebrew
Shamira F Precious stone Hebrew
Sharon F Desert plain Hebrew
Shaul M Asked of God Hebrew
Sheena F God is gracious Hebrew
Shelomo M Peaceful Hebrew
Shem M Renowned Hebrew
Shet M Appointed Hebrew
Shifra F Beautiful Hebrew
Shilo M The one to whom it belongs Hebrew
Shiloh M God’s Gift Hebrew
Shimon M Heard Hebrew
Shimshon M Like the sun Hebrew
Shira F Melody Hebrew
Shiri F Tune Hebrew
Shlomit F Peace Hebrew
Shmuel M Heard by God Hebrew
Shoshannah F Lily Hebrew
Shulamit F Tranquil Hebrew
Sidonia F Captivates Hebrew
Simcha M Joy Hebrew
Simcha F Joyous Hebrew
Simen M Obedient Hebrew
Simeon M God is heard French
Simon M God is heard Hebrew
Simona F God is heard Hebrew
Simone F Heard Hebrew
Sinai M From the clay desert Hebrew
Siomon M Obedient Hebrew
Sippora F Bird Hebrew
Sol M Peace Hebrew
Solomon M Peaceful Hebrew
Susan F Lily Hebrew
Susanna F Lily Hebrew
Susannah F Lily Hebrew
Suzanna F Lily Hebrew
Suzannah F Lily Hebrew
Symeon M Obedient Hebrew

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