In a post on his Facebook page, Young Earth Creationist Ken Ham questions how atheists can deny the existence of God when they actually subscribe to the Christian worldview albeit discreetly.

Ham says atheists tend to imitate the Christian way of viewing the world because their own worldview is “meaningless.”

The creationism advocate likewise describes atheists’ standard for morality as a failure.

“How do secularists determine right and wrong? Bill Nye told me ‘a consensus of the tribe,’ but then it’s all subjective. How can secularists talk about morality? Without an absolute basis where do they draw the lines? Who draws the lines? Ultimately it fails,” Ham says.

He also maintains that people can only find meaning in their existence if they believe in Jesus Christ and His teachings.

“Secularists borrow from the Christian worldview — they borrow from the laws of nature, from laws of logic — they assume God whom they reject. The secularist worldview is ultimately totally bankrupt, purposeless, meaningless, and hopeless — purpose, hope and meaning are only found in Christ,” Ham adds.

He further criticises atheists for claiming that they have a belief system. “They hate having atheism referred to as a religion or a belief system. But that’s exactly what it is,” Ham writes.

He likewise quotes a verse from the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament, which states that a life void of God is only characterised by “hopelessness” and is only lived “in vanity.”

Ham further states that believing in Christ is actually “counter-cultural” because society usually does not accept the message that there is “only one way to salvation.”

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