Some of Graham’s supporters expressed their approval of the photo and what they viewed as his endorsement of Trump.

The Rev. Franklin Graham has invited speculation regarding his presidential endorsement after he posted a photo of his father, the Rev. Billy Graham, with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Although Franklin Graham has distanced himself from the Republican party this year and has not made an official endorsement of any candidate, he often speaks to Christians about the importance of voting for someone who will appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court.

Some have speculated that the photo he recently posted of Billy Graham on his 95th birthday, surrounded by family and friends, including Donald Trump and wife Melania and Sarah Palin and husband Todd, signifies his endorsement of Trump.

“One week from tomorrow, on November 7, my father Billy Graham will celebrate his 98th birthday — that’s hard to believe! It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating his 95th. He enjoyed so much being surrounded by friends and family as we gave God the glory for his life and ministry. Here’s a snapshot with a few special friends who gathered that night three years ago. You might recognise some of the faces,” he captioned the photo, according to

“Billy Graham is without a doubt one of the most well respected and dearly loved men that anyone in this world has ever had the honor of knowing…the fact that Mr. Trump is pictured here among Mr. Grahams ‘special friends’ is all the endorsement that I need to see,” commented Julie Tegi.

“So cool the way he put this on — a picture of Billy Graham‘s birthday 3 years ago. Who would have thought that the man in the back row smiling and attending Billy Graham’s birthday would be the president of the United States. God has his hand on this man — like it or not!” another commenter, Marcia Baker, wrote.

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