Fear of the LORD is a life-giving fountain; it offers escape from the snares of death Proverbs 14:27 (NLT).

Have you been looking for answers in life, do you experience death, decline, depression, etc., in your life, family, health, business, etc., there is answer for you today; it is ‘Fear the Lord’.

Today’s Proverbs states plainly that the fear of the Lord is a fountain of life.

Note, the fear of the Lord does not mean to be scared of God, but is a Hebrew world, ‘Yirah’ which among other things means Reverence, Worship, Acknowledge, Fullness.

So, the fullness of God in you is a life-giving fountain. Acknowledging/reverencing/ worshiping God is a life-giving fountain. It does not just give life, but it’s a source from which life flows.

Today, as you acknowledge, reverence and worship God, know that you are connecting/drawing from this life-giving fountain. It will bring life again to your life, your family, health, business, finance, and so on.

Food For Thought: Acknowledging God Brings You Life

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