Every Beating Drew Us Closer to God: Persecuted Christians In East Africa


Christian persecution is growing in the East African country of Eritrea as the government finds new ways to blast Christian sects with harsher levels of torment.

The predominantly Islamic country is ranked by Open Doors USA, a non-profit Christian persecution group as one of the worst nations for Christians to live in, due to ongoing harassment and abuse associated with Christian persecution.

Just last month, roughly 100 Christians were arrested after brutal government crackdowns against unapproved churches outside of the major religious dominations: Sunni Islam, Orthodox Christian, Catholic Christian, and Evangelical Lutheran took a turn for the worst, Christian Post reported earlier this week.

“These people are sometimes locked in storage containers with very little air ventilation and up to 120 degree heat. [They] often get sick from the lack of hygiene in these places, and often don’t get the food they require to stay nourished. So it’s a horrific place for Christians who don’t fall into the approved denominations.”

The horrific stories of men and women being locked up in these hot prison camp boxes are endless.

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