You Don’t Have To Look Like A Champion To Become A Legend

A champion is only a champion until the next person wins, but a legend will last forever
Sadie Robertson
Sadie Robertson

Sadie Robertson has a compelling message for young adults who are struggling in their faith and battling low self-esteem.

In her Live Original blog, the 20-year-old tells readers to not let their perceived weaknesses keep them from trusting God.

“We say things like, ‘GOD I wish I could do something for your kingdom, but I’m not good enough, I don’t look good enough, I don’t sound smart enough, I have gone too far, I have a disability…We focus so much on what we don’t have in comparison to others, instead of focusing on what He gave us…,” she wrote.

In her post, she recounts a chance meeting she had with a young man who was once deaf.

“An accident had taken place when he was a young boy and it took away his hearing,” she wrote. “Recently, he was able to have surgery that allowed him to hear again. He thought this was the answer to his prayer, but when he began to hear the way his voice sounded when he spoke, which sounded a little different than the “normal,” he became very mad at God and extremely insecure.”

The Pepperdine University student confessed he’d made the decision to become an atheist.

He said he deeply resented God for his speech impediment, which he felt was a weakness.

“This answer blew me away, because the whole time we had been having this conversation I had been thinking his words were his strength,” Robertson wrote.

She encouraged the young man.

“I said to him, ‘What if the thing that the enemy and the world has been throwing in your face and calling your weakness, is the very thing that God intends to create as your weapon of strength,” she asked. You just have to take authority over it in the name of Jesus. It’s like the cross. A cross that was meant to kill is now our victory.”

She recalls how David trusted God to give him victory over Goliath.

“When David went up to this giant, he didn’t carry any weapons because he was too weak,” she wrote.

“Goliath was the champion of this story, but here is the thing about champions – a champion is only a champion until the next person wins, but a legend will last forever. David was a legend,” Robertson continued. “The important thing is that you don’t have to look like a champion to become a legend.”

“Friends, you have a choice today to not take away the meaning of the cross, and to take that thing you have been calling your weakness straight to the cross to allow it to become a strength for the kingdom,” she added.

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