Reopening Hillary Clinton’s FBI investigation isn’t a political ploy, nor is it an “October Surprise.” But it could be God’s early Christmas gift to America.

Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin says she doesn’t know how her emails showed up on her husband Anthony Weiner’s computer. The FBI stumbled upon another treasure trove of Clinton-related emails while investigating Abedin’s now estranged husband who is under investigation himself for allegedly exchanging lewd messages with a 15-year old girl.

Additional emails released in August found that Abedin carelessly toted around classified government information in her car, once asking Clinton’s personal assistant to intercept “a bunch of burn stuff in the pocket of my front seat” she’d left unattended.

If this wasn’t so incredibly dangerous it would be Saturday Night Live-worthy.

Despite how we feel about WikiLeaks, Americans should be thanking the good Lord the belly of the beast that is Hillary Clinton has been exposed for what it is. Emails have revealed, as the old song goes, corruption so high, you can’t get over it; so wide, you can’t get around it, and so deep, you can’t get under it.

Hillary wasted $2 million conducting focus groups to help positively brand her so voters would overlook the six-figure paid speeches from Clinton’s Wall Street buddies, ethical issues with the Clinton Foundation, and the optics of her Benghazi cover-up.

But as President Obama once said, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”

People fail to understand that if Hillary wasn’t using an illegal server in the first place, there’d be no scandal and no FBI investigation. Hillary created this mess. All of it. As Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein recently said, the FBI wouldn’t reopen the investigation unless there was “a real bombshell.”

What a sham for the people who’ve already voted. And what a crisis of confidence we’ll have should Hillary win and preside over the Department of Justice. The presumption of “justice for all” will be flushed down the same toilet Obama’s DOJ placed it in the day Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch met on a Phoenix, Arizona tarmac when their planes “just happened” to park beside each other.

The day Lynch announced the DOJ would not pursue charges against Hillary was the same day this once “Never Trumper” became a staunch, hell-or-highwater “Never-Hillary” pro-Trump-policies supporter.

As GOP Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said about Lynch’s decision: “By so blatantly putting its political interests ahead of the rule of law, the Obama Administration is only further eroding the public’s faith in a government they no longer believe is on their side.”

At least we can count on the press to do its job. Oh, wait. Journalism is dead. The big media doesn’t report news anymore because they are too busy sifting through and disposing of facts which might reflect poorly on Democrats. Surely they are scrambling right now to change the subject with another unfounded allegation about Trump.

Recently leaked emails from WikiLeaks and Guccifer 2.0 help to explain why it’s impossible to distinguish between where the Democrat Party ends and big media begins. These leaked emails and documents show that rather than reporting news, Clinton’s media “friendlies” most of you watch and read parroted the propaganda and news stories the Clinton campaign provided them.

With all the corruption and media collusion, as a columnist I am finding it hard to keep track of it all. But this I know: All we have is our vote. So, ignore the polls put out by the Hillary-friendly media and go vote.

And if for some unconscionable … inconceivable … lamentable … deplorable reason she wins, expect a pardon from Obama just in time for Christmas.

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