Christians Sometimes experience really trying times. But then God chooses to remain silent on their prayer requests. It can be really disappointing not to hear even a peep from God, and for the challenging issues to persist.

But world-renowned Evangelist Billy Graham said Christians should not be surprised when disappointments come their way, because they’ll experience them sooner or later.

 “When Jesus was crucified, His disciples were not only disappointed, but they gave in to fear and confusion and despair. Often that’s our reaction to disappointment also,” he wrote on his website.

Jesus’ disciples forgot two important truths when they gave in to their despair, even though Jesus already taught them repeatedly about it. First, Jesus told them that death could never hold Him, and He would conquer it by coming back to life by the power of God.

Next, Jesus told His disciples that God will never abandon them; in fact, His Holy Spirit never left their sides. In the same vein, Graham said Christians should never forget about God’s promises no matter how difficult things might get for them.

“He loves you, and He wants to guide you in the future. In other words, don’t focus on the past; seek instead what God has for you in the future. If you have never done so, by faith open your heart and life to Jesus Christ. Then put your future into His hands,” said Graham.

Graham also said Christians should never forget God’s presence. Whatever battle they need to face, it would be easier to conquer with God on their side.

Earlier, Graham said that faith in Jesus and His resurrection enables people to transform their fears and disappointments to joy. “Disappointment and failure are not signs that God has forsaken you or stopped loving you. God’s love for us never fails.

“The devil wants you to believe God no longer loves you, but it isn’t true.” he said

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