Christians Borrow Muslim Hijabs To Escape ISIS Terrorists In Philippines


Christians are disguising themselves by borrowing hijabs to escape the ISIS militants holding 1,500 people hostage in a besieged Philippines town.

There have been reports of Christians borrowing hijab headscarves from their Muslim neighbors in order to escape the brutal Islamist group that is wreaking havoc in the Filipino city of Marawi. Such is the desperation of those trapped in the city, some have even resorted to eating blankets to survive.

“They are crossing the bridge, taking the risk, because they don’t have any option – either they die inside the house or they die getting out,” local politician Zia Alonto Adiong told reporters on Monday, according to The Daily Mail. “Some of the stories that stuck were Muslims helping protect Christian workers by letting them borrow a hijab,’ said Dr Gioia Ancheta, head of the psychosocial therapy team helping those who have managed to escape.

Heroic police officers have been attempting to rescue trapped civilians, bungling them across the bridge out of town as ISIS snipers fire at them from highrise buildings. “We don’t think about ourselves, we think about the safety of the civilians,” said police officer LumnaLidasan, tears welling in his eyes.

“We crawled because snipers were shooting at us. I was wounded by splinters of cement hit by sniper bullets,” said Mateo Velasquez, 33.

Pray for all those trapped in this hellish city, that they might make a safe escape and have the protection of the Lord surround them!


  1. May the mighty hand of God that delivered Baby Jesus Christ from the edge of the sword of Herod soldiers keep and protect my fellow Filipino Christians from the bullets and swords of the demonic and satanic Herod called ISIS.

    May God open the eyes of ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Am Queda and all other Islamic terrorists. May they see the light and accept the REAL PRINCE OF PEACE, JESUS CHRIST.

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