Please pray for the Christians in India, especially those who are suffering daily persecution.

The number of persecution incidents in India keeps soaring higher each month. In the month of April alone  there were 68 incidents. Through April, a total of 316 incidents had been reported this year by Open Doors partners in local churches who have been, in most cases, in direct contact with the victims. Reports come in almost daily.

Out of the 68 incidents that took place in April, more than a third involved physical beatings of believers. In several cases, the victims, including two small children, were beaten brutally and almost killed. A pastor was critically wounded when he was struck on his head with a sword. People have also been socially ostracized or expelled from their homes or villages.

In several of the incidents, groups of extremists have attacked church members and Christians openly with large sticks or swords. They have no fear of the law or the police. They openly declare during their attacks that India is a Hindu country and Christians have no right to preach or attempt to convert people.


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