Monsignor Georges Abou Khazen, the Apostolic Vicar of Aleppo, Syria has called for a ceasefire after saying that the city has become a “living hell” due to the continual fighting.

George who is a senior Christian cleric in Aleppo, is one of the few Christian leaders still left in the city.

Fighting between the government and the rebel forces has resulted in destruction and death for citizens of Aleppo, including many children. Khazen is calling for a ceasefire.

“Aleppo is now a living hell – a hell that touches everyone, east and west, full of death and destruction, refugees and lack of electricity and water, families who touch pain with their hands on a daily basis,” said Khazen.

Recently, the predominantly Christian district of al-Sulaymaniyah was devastated by an airstrike. A school in the district was targeted by government forces.

Khazen explained that Aleppo is divided into east and west sections. The western section is controlled by government forces, while the eastern section is controlled by the rebels. Both sides have contributed to the destruction and death.

Pope Francis has also called for a ceasefire in Aleppo, at least for long enough to evacuate civilians.

However, Khazen said, “The players are not interested in what is happening to people even though now more than ever a truce is needed to alleviate the suffering and bring some aid and comfort.”

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