Chinese Authorities Forcibly Remove Worshippers During Sunday Service (Video)

Police Raid Chinese Church
Police Raid Chinese Church

Christians in China continue to come under fierce persecution from the authorities, as police raid a Sunday service and march people out of the building.

“Please pray for our coworkers. The persecution is very strong. They determine to close down our operation and places,” wrote Joshua Duong, posting photos and videos of the incident at his Church.

“Dear Coworkers in Christ 

How are you? Please pray urgently for us and help us now. And please stand with me to win this battle

I am going to be deported out of China alone at the end of this month and it is just a few days to go. Or it could be another miracle again as He did that in 2012?” writes Pastor Joshua Duong.

“The serious recent persecution aims to block us and the mission movements from China to the world as the results of our widespread mission mobilizations, missionary trainings in China, recent crusade trips to Pakistan and the killings of 2 Chinese missionaries in Pakistan by terrorists.”

“Let us stand together in these tough times and tough battles until the enemies are being defeated. It is either we are being defeated or the enemies are being defeated, there is no other choice in the battle. Let us declare together that in all things we are more than conquerors through Him who gives us strength and through Him we join hands together for His glory.”

Watch The Videos Below:

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