You Can’t Change Biology In Desperation To Defend Transgender Belief – Ben Carson


Ben Carson isn’t someone who bends his way of thinking to accommodate someone. He proved that in an interview with Katie Couric when she asked about gender identity. Like anyone with common sense, Dr. Carson didn’t need to go to medical school to know when someone is biologically a man or a woman.

Carson says it is absurd to claim we don’t know what a man or a woman is. This has been defined since the beginning of time. If someone is confused about his gender, it doesn’t change his genetics or

Carson said that tolerance goes both ways. People don’t get to redefine what has been known for thousands of years and then call others racists or sexist for not immediately subscribing to it.


  1. What if you wake up tomorrow and want to be an airplane?
    Does that make you an airplane.

    Feeling you are a stone does not make you a stone, Transgenders and their sympathizers need psychological help.

    • What if you wake up tomorrow and want to be an airplane?
      Does that make you an airplane. Lol.
      That is the foolishness of the wise…………..they have educated themselves into imbecility.

  2. If we keep judging by feelings and not facts even scientific facts, then someone will soon be Transanimal, because they will soon FEEL they are elephant.

  3. f you got a wee-wee, you’re a guy…if you don’t you’re a girl….don’t be a confused, nothing like “transgender” yet in science. Don’t let Obama congratulation deceived you, He perhaps didn’t know simple biology.
    Guys can have their “wee-wee” removed.. That STILL does not make them a girl… Their DNA will FOREVER identify them as a male… Even after they are dead.


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