Pastors from diverse races and denominations gathered to pray for unity after three black men were killed by police within a five-day span last week, all in Southern California.

Alfred Olango was fatally shot and killed by police in San Diego when he reportedly used an electronic cigarette to look like a gun, pointing it at officers.

Reginald Thomas was shot with a taser by police in Pasadena. He was reportedly armed with a knife. His wife described him as mentally ill.

Lastly, Carnell Snell Jr. was shot and killed by police near his home in Los Angeles.

The diverse group of pastors gathered together at the El Cajon Police Department headquarters to ask God to heal their community.

Pastor Rolland Slade led the gathering. Slade prayed that God would grant them “truth, transparency and transformation.”

“We pray that you would thwart those who would bring unrest, damage and chaos to our city and our county,” prayed another pastors at the event.

Pastor David Joseph prayed in English and Arabic for strength during this time of unrest, noting that it is a time of “spiritual warfare.”

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