Adam “At” Boshoff is the senior pastor of CRC (Christian Revival Church). He is an executive member of the International Federation of Christian Churches (IFCC).

Early life

Born Adam Johannes Jakobus Boshoff in Bloemfontein, on 30 December 1964, Boshoff grew up in Bloemfontein and attended the boys school Grey College. In 1986 At decided to go into ministry and did 3 years of bible school at his local church.He immediately started on a road of Christian service within his local Church, which led him to youth outreaches in his hometown and missionary trips into Africa.


Together with his wife Nyretta, At founded Christian Revival Church (CRC) in Ladybrand which led to the established CRC Bloemfontein, in 1994.

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One characteristic of Pastor At’s ministry is his determination to build beautiful and functional state-of-the-art facilities on a cash-built basis. In Ladybrand, he successfully launched and completed the building project of a Church auditorium and a large pre-school debt free.

CRC Pretoria and CRC Johannesburg, along with 90 national and international CRC churches, are part of CRC Bloemfontein. CRC Pretoria was launched in 2004 and moved into their 6500-seat building in 2014.

At Boshoff is on the Senior National Executive Board for the I.F.C.C. (International Federation of Christian Churches), under the Presidency of Ray McCauley. He is seen weekly on TBN, CTV and Rhema TV.

CRC claims to have seen more than 500,000 people come through its doors. They claim to see more than 500 people a week make first-time decisions in their weekly services. This is notable as the city of Bloemfontein has a population of only 600,000 people.

List Of Books By Pastor At Boshoff

CRC has many churches, so Bloemfontein isn’t the only city that filled the 500,000 figure…

Pastor At is on the Senior National Executive Board for the I.F.C.C. (International Federation of Christian Churches), which is a body of several hundred churches under the Presidency of Rev. Ray McCauley (Rhema Church, South Africa). He is a greatly sought-after speaker, both nationally and internationally and can be seen weekly on TBN, CTV and Rhema TV.


Pastor At is described as focused, passionate and fervent in his hunger for the Word of God and explosive in his dynamic teaching of it. His powerful, bold and practical messages are equally refreshing in relevance to authenticity and doctrinal accuracy.


Pastor At Boshoff has authored and released some books.

He has preached at large churches & conferences in USA, Europe, Australia, South America etc. His TV program, Discover Life, is also broadcast on major South African networks i.e. Rhema TV, TBN (an international satellite Christian broadcaster) and on CTV.



  2. I don’t understand these ‘prosperity’ churches… how is it that a pastor, apparently living under the principles of Christ Jesus, behaves and lives in such a way. Don’t other people find it very disingenuous? The Hollywood style stage performance? the glitz and glamour? The accumulation of wealth?

    But then again… who’s the fool? Pastors like this, or those that fall for them?

    • Dear Bob
      I hear what you’re saying and I was also skeptical when I went to their church for the first time but CRC is not that prosperity churches. They preach sound doctrine, The true Gospel.

      Not these “God wants you to have money and have your best life now, your life will get better because there is no more need to repent because Jesus died for you”

      But that, we are all sinners and hell is what we deserve but if we repent and believe in Christ live by the Word of God through the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit, we can do God’s will in obedience and a relationship.

  3. I love Pastor AT He preaches sound doctrine I follow him on Faith Channel , Day Star everyday I regard him as my home Pastor

  4. All I can say is that we tend to ask the wrong question in regards to the right and pure things in life whereas we can choose immediately to investigate ourselves before asking that wrong question. Pastor At is the greatest leader I know, iv found my purpose in life and with that being said I see myself standing side by side with Pastor At getting rid of a sinful nature with those who want to relate to the truth the same time. Iv found my purpose here at CRC and I intend on following that up as soon as iv asked Pastor At to baptise me. I’m a new born Christian coming from a different religion, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to believe in what’s pure and what life’s suppose to be like with all only positive nature’s yet we grasp on all the nitty gritty details that’s material and has no value in the kingdom like glamor, bling bling, money etc. Pastor At deserves to own anything he wants yet he’s true assets and value comes from the churches he has built and the lives he has saved from having nothing to start besides his faith and our Father above. Pastor At and his wonderful wife is the direction to a blessed life. We don’t see behind the scenes and what I have established in life is that happiness and loving one another is what counts, I rather choose to have a happy life with my family in a one room house than all the money in the world and no happiness. We should experience any bad or sad emotions but be happy and in grace %100 of our lives. I love you Pastor At, we will meet and you will know of me, I already walk and stand by you, I stand for the values you stand for even though I have alot of correcting to do in my life after 36 years of wrong knowledge and its you that I feel comfortable with talking too eventually and for you to grace me with what I’m suppose to be doing along time ago, that’s working hard for the Kingdom. To all out there who have questions, we all do but just like Jesus did, I don’t want to even know the inbetween life of Jesus as we all have that inbetween life and that inbetween life doesn’t make us who we are and where we going, as long as there is everyday peace in our hearts and give love towards the next man, it automatically creates a blessed a great environment, one that alot of us in this world is trying to gain and find. Jesus dies for our sins and we are blessed to know that we are safe eternally, I’m not here to waste time and find out the negative things of life’s creation, we here to premote the positive and carry out the service of changing the next man’s heart, a man that’s truly hurt or sad in life, a man who has nothing and no clue at all, a man that wants to hear us speak the positive so that his life can change. Visit CRC and you will find a new beginning, if I could, anyone can. I still have along way to go and with the help of Pastor At I will get there. Instead of questioning the wrong, maybe one should ask questions that’s going to make a difference and not questions that have a bad impact on our lives, found the answer along time ago but yet still more questions of bad is asked than the right being done. God bless all, Jesus is forever loving and forgiving and he loves us all, as we want to leave the life of sin, we need to grow close to him as he knew us before we knew ourselves and was always there, we are all sinners but if we grow close to Jesus in this sinful world instead of drifting further apart, you get to understand yourself in the same instance and you will realise that all the questions of bad directed to Pastor At should have been questions to make a difference. Believing the good keeps us safe with having the faith in it and accepting the world we live in. If we all unite for the good, the differnce will be greater than imagined

  5. Just visited CRC Jo’burg the past weekend and it was the amazing experience ever.

    And Bob, what about prosperity church?
    Do you wanna live and die in Poverty?
    Well The bible says: Jesus became poor so we may become rich…
    “For I have come that they may have life and life in abundance…”
    King Solomon was recorded as the richest king to ever live…”
    “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper and be in good health, even as your soul prospers.
    So I want to associate myself with prosperous people…

  6. I agree with Bob. Pastor At and his prosperity church will not see me again. His latest sermon was absolute gibberish. Good luck to all his followers. I pray the Lord will open your eyes.

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