The younger Graham has held evangelistic outreaches on six continents around the world

Following the death of his grandfather Billy Graham, Will Graham hopes to carry on the famed evangelist’s ministry by sharing the Gospel with millions “as if Christ is coming back in our lifetime.”

Will Graham, the oldest son of Franklin Graham who also serves as vice president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, said that while the cultural landscape may not be the same as in his grandfather’s day, the message of the Gospel is always relevant.

“You talk about changing landscapes,” Will said, adding that his grandfather, who passed away on Feb. 21 at the age of 99, “just preached God’s Word. That’s the best way to do it—just open God’s Word and preach to people.”

“When you get up there and preach God’s Word, God’s Word does the rest,” he said, adding that people are “still looking for the same things in life.”

“The Gospel transcends culture, transcends language, transcends politics,” he said.

The younger Graham, who has held evangelistic outreaches on six continents around the world, said that while he’s not trying to be the next Billy Graham, he tries to emulate “the sense of urgency and the sense of boldness” his grandfather conveyed in his messages.

“He didn’t hold anything back,” Will Graham said. “I’ve always been bold, I think, but when you study my granddaddy, he took it to a whole new level.”

“We need to preach as if Christ is coming back in our lifetime,” he said. “It could be any minute. Are you ready?”

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