On Monday, Bethany Christian Services released its annual report, which showed significant growth in its family-based programs in 2020.

Bethany Christian Services

According to a press release obtained by Christian Headlines, the annual report showed that 191,641 lives worldwide were impacted by Bethany Christian Services last year. In the U.S. alone, the organization touched the lives of 114,836 vulnerable children, the report found.

In response to the findings, Chris Palusky, President and CEO of Bethany, stressed the organization’s commitment “to demonstrat[ing] the love and compassion of Jesus by walking alongside children and families who may have been overlooked and marginalized in 2020.”

“An estimated 140 million children around the globe live every day without permanent and safe homes, and the pandemic has underscored the urgent need to offer support to as many of them as possible,” he continued. “Bethany will continue changing the world through family, helping children find safety, love, and connection.”

The report displayed record growth in Bethany’s family preservation and strengthening programs throughout 2020.

In comparison, in 2019, Global Family Preservation and Empowerment programs impacted 27.9 percent more lives, Family Preservation in the U.S. (including Safe Families for Children) grew by 17.5 percent, Foster Care Support and Training in the U.S. experienced a 44.2 percent increase, and Post-Placement Support for U.S. Adoptive Families Permanency Supports grew by 27.9 percent.

Safe Families for Children, a program set up to provide families and children in need with a supportive community, served a record 5,725 children and families.

“These numbers represent people, made and loved by God. Not one of us was untouched by the unique challenges of 2020, and we are deeply grateful to our staff for rolling up their sleeves and remaining creatively present with vulnerable children and families,” said Cheri Williams, Senior Vice President of Domestic Programs. “Bethany’s significant growth in programs that strengthen, preserve, and empower families in the U.S. and around the world is reflective of our commitment to keep families together.”

On a global level, Bethany impacted 64,408 lives plus 12,397 refugees, asylum-seekers, unaccompanied children and other displaced people in the U.S.

“This last year presented the children, women and men we serve with unforeseen difficulties,” said Tawnya Brown, Senior Vice President of Global, Refugee and Immigrant Services. “Through it all, Bethany was able to continue fulfilling its mission of demonstrating the love and compassion of Jesus. Our top priority will always be the safety and wellbeing of those God has called us to serve, and we will continue approaching every situation with active faith.”

Bethany Christian Services, a global nonprofit organization, has been serving families with its social services for over 75 years.

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