Dr. Ben Carson has reportedly turned down a position within the new administration of President-elect Donald Trump.

Carson, who was Trump’s rival as a fellow 2016 Republican presidential candidate, has since voiced his support for Trump after dropping out of the race. Many political commentators speculated that Carson was coming out in support of Trump in order to get a position within Trump’s administration.

According to a report from RedState, however, the neurosurgeon proved that speculation wrong by turning down a position in Trump’s cabinet because he felt unqualified.

Circa.com reporter Raffi Williams spoke with Carson’s business manager, Armstrong Williams, who issued this statement:

“The President-elect offered him anything he wanted to do. But in the end he didn’t want anything.” Williams added that “his background didn’t prepare him to run a federal agency.”

Another source said that Carson was specifically offered a position as Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Some have noted the irony of Carson’s admitting he is not qualified for a cabinet position since he was running for president himself.

However, Carson maintains that he can “best serve the President outside the administration.”

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