Hundreds of pro-Israel activists gathered at the United Nations Wednesday to strategize how to defeat the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement in court.

The forum, hosted by the Israeli Mission to the UN, sent a clear message: the anti-Israel BDS movement will answer for its intimidating tactics and lies in court.

Addressing the BDS movement, Israeli UN Ambassador Danny Danon said, “To the bullies who harass students on campus, to those who use the language of civil rights to mask their hate, to the activists who are conducting this illegal and unjust campaign of hate: your time is over; your movement based on lies and intimidation is coming to an end. We will use every tool and every legal measure to stop the hate.”

Danon also said fighting the anti-Israel movement should be at the top of the United Nations’ “to-do” list. However, many are skeptical because of the organization’s past treatment of the Jewish state. Earlier this month, the UN passed 10 resolutions against Israel in a single day.

Pro-Israel activists say that won’t stop them from putting an end to the BDS movement in court.

“We will focus on lawfare, the use of legal procedures, to fight bias and discrimination and to stand up to boycotts. We are here to learn from the experts to think of new ways to collaborate so we can tell BDS activists: See you in court!” Danon said Wednesday.

He was also quick to remind everyone that the battle against anti-Israel BDS intimidations is on two fronts: in court and in the arena of public opinion.

“You win in the courtroom but lose in the court of public opinion,” Danon added. “BDS must be fought in the court of public opinion. It is not enough to fight BDS in court of law.”

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