The 2004 American Idol winner, Fantasia Barrino, a Christian singer, and  said that it was God who brought her through dark times when she had contemplated suicide.

Although fame is what many seek after, Fantasia saw its darker side as she became the subject of vicious rumors and felt like so much rested on her shoulders.

“I came off of ‘Idol’ taking care of my whole entire family, so I went through a lot of dark times. It was almost like being in a glass box where everybody could see me but I couldn’t get out of that box,” she said, as quoted by XoNecole.

She said that during this dark time, she contemplated taking her own life, but it was her faith in God that ultimately kept her going.

“I can thank God for those times because being here at the age of 32 making it through so much, I feel like it was a part of my journey,” she said, adding that God, along with good friends who came alongside her, allowed her to move away from her self-destructive thoughts and refocus her life.

Fantasia believes that she went through those trials for a reason because now she has opportunities to minister to others.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t meet someone––young, old, black, white, female, male––that comes up to me and wants me to talk and encourage them. God allowed me to go through certain storms and certain tests to have a testimony and share it to help somebody else along the way,” she said.

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