7year Old Samira Walks again, Thanks to Donation from Christian Networks


Samira, a young Ukrainian girl is now able to walk after a Christian ministry paid for her surgery and recovery.

The seven year old little kid from western Ukraine, however, used to suffer from severe pain due to a serious disability: She had a club foot, a congenital deformity that made her unable to walk.

Samira’s mother, Nora, was also filled with suffering in her heart just seeing her daughter go through her ordeal. She shared that she had only one dream in life: to be able to see Samira be healthy and able to work.

This dream, however, seemed very hard to reach. Nora and her husband were both uneducated and could not get decent jobs. Samira’s father was hired by people to do jobs like cutting grass or digging graves, and got paid just two to four dollars a day. The family was poor and could barely scrape money together for food, let alone an expensive surgery.


“I feel pain because she is my child,” said Samira’s mother, Nora. “I can’t look at her without crying. But I can’t do anything for her, I can’t pay for the surgery that would allow her to walk and run and play like other children.”

Nora’s seemingly unreachable dream, however, came true, thanks to the generosity of some Christians. Through CBN’s Orphan’s Promise which helps less unfortunate children, a surgeon performed an operation on Samira free of charge to correct her condition. The project took care of Samira’s surgery and even her post-operative care.

Thanks to Christian Broadcasting Network’s Orphan Promise and the generous donations of Christians, Samira was able to get the surgery she needed.

She is now a healthy, normal seven-year-old who, in the words of her mother, can “do everything.”

“I can walk and run,” Samira said. “I can play with other children. I even take dancing lessons at my school. Thank you for giving me straight legs.

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