Pastor Dave Shockey of the Purdue Christian Campus House said that some 300 students came to join a Collegiate Day of Prayer simulcast at Purdue University recently.

21 Baptized during Revival at Purdue University

“A week before the National Day of Prayer, some of our student leaders were thinking about going to Asbury but felt like God asked them to stay at Purdue and do an event here,” he said, according to CBN News. “They asked me what I thought, and we’ve hosted prayer and worship events a bunch of different times for the NCDOP (National Collegiate Day of Prayer) over the years. We quickly pulled together an event.

The event came just after the Asbury revival, a two-week worship and prayer event that drew thousands to campus in Kentucky.

Shockey said several ministries at Purdue came together for the event, and three students were scheduled to get baptized.

“The night was focused on reflecting and praising God for how good he was. We talked about baptism and baptized the students who had planned to be baptized. Made an invitation for any others who wanted to be baptized, and a line started to form. We baptized about 8-10 more people and had to pause so we could keep worshiping and praying. Students shared testimonies and praises. Other students led corporate repentance and prayer,” Shockey recalled.

“It was really sweet, but baptisms just didn’t stop. By the end of the night, we’d baptized at least 21 people, but we’re not completely sure the whole number because many pastors and leaders from different congregations were baptizing their people,” the Campus House pastor said.

Shockey said the students eventually worshiped for more than 4.5 hours.

Evangelist Nick Hall, who attended the Asbury revival, said that revival sparked something in the country.

“God is moving. It’s not over. It’s just starting,” Hall said.

“I’m just seeing this breakout everywhere,” Hall added. “You can’t end revival, revival isn’t owned by anyone, and it didn’t start by anyone. It’s a move of God, and if anything, on Thursday night, there was a release of what God had started, and it had already spread.”

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