The Fresh bombing attacks in Aleppo, Syria have destroyed as many as 20 churches.

“It is a magnificent city in Syria [Aleppo] that was famous not only for its renowned architecture and cultural sites, but it was a place where [a] Christian aspect of this long-suffering nation has always been present. It suffers great destructions now. According to the recent data, twenty churches were destroyed there,” stated Alexander Dzasokhov, the deputy chairman of Commission for UNESCO of the Russian Federation and the Committee for Russian-Syrian Cooperation.

Dzasokhov added that the conflict in Syria must be resolved in order to preserve lives as well as historical and religious sites. About 190 people lost their lives in the bombings over the past weekend.

A number of sites with archaeological, historical, or religious significance have also been destroyed in the ongoing conflict.

Last week, a Syriac Catholic church in Aleppo was destroyed. The church was located in a predominantly Christian area of the city.

Thousands remain trapped in the city after a short-lived ceasefire was broken.


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