Often times congregants forgets that their pastor is a human subject to like passions like them and are therefore often surprise to hear of a burn out , wear out or break down as the case may be.

Although most of the reasons for pastoral burnout are personal and peculiar, some major causes can be clearly pointed out.

  1. Prayerlessness.
  2. Ministering without being ministered to.
  3. Zero retreat.
  4. Oppression from so called “fathers” in the ministry.
  5. Lack of delegation.
  6. Giving in to accusations and criticism.
  7. No leave or vacation.
  8. Indifference to hobbies and recreational activities.
  9. Un-supporting partners.
  10. Frustrations for personal needs.
  11. Uncooperative team and associates.
  12. Satanic attacks.
How to avoid pastoral burnout.
  • Have a mentor that you can pour out your heart to, someone you are to a degree accountable to, even if it is the church committee.
  • Take time out from time to time to evaluate your current effort and also to rest.
  • Cultivate a Pattern of relaxation by engaging in some recreational activities daily, not once in a blure moon.
  • Know when to retreat so you don’t surrender
  • Delegate wisely, If you think no one can do it except you, you may be wrong and on a wrong path, train others.
  • Don’t be a lone-ranger (wisely relate with other ministers and ministries) you can’t survive alone, neither are you called to survive alone, just do that in wisdom.
  • Maintain a good relationship with your wife and children, they are your inner circle.

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