Proverbs 24:5

Do you think you’re weak in handling situations, especially in this time of lack and recession? Then here’s a secret you must know from the scripture.

Wisdom gives strength; a wise man is strong.

Do you need strength and increase in any area of your life?

Wisdom can make you strong not just mentally, but financially, morally, materially, etc.

The scripture also tells us that there’s only one way and one source of wisdom, and that source is God1.

How can you get wisdom from God, the only source of genuine, non-corruptible wisdom?

  1. Study the Bible2
  2. Ask God in simple prayer3
  3. Believe and Anticipate for an answer4

Food For Thought: Wisdom is better than weapons of war.

(1)James 1:5, (2)Psalm 119:99, (3) James 1:5, (4)Mark 11:24

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