Pray For Christian Apologist Nabeel Fighting Cancer As Doctors Say ‘He’s In Last Stages Of Life’


The doctors have pretty much given up on treating me, They think my body is in its final stages of life

Nabeel Qureshi
Nabeel Qureshi

Muslim turned Christian author, apologist and preacher Nabeel Qureshi is asking for prayers after his doctors decided to end all cancer treatment, stating that his body is in the ‘last stages of life.’ A breathless Qureshi addressed his condition in a powerful Vlog, where he shows steadfast faith in the Lord even in this incredibly difficult situation.

“The doctors have pretty much given up on treating me,” says Nabeel. “They think my body is in its final stages of life.” 

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“They have suggested palliative care. We are just doing comfort measures. Right now the doctors have decided no more calories for me, for a few days. If that means bad things happen, then bad things happen. It’s looking pretty grim. I could really use your prayers,” Nabeel continues.

“If we want the Lord to come through and do a miracle, it needs to happen in the next few days.”

Watch Nabeel’s update below 

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