knowledge Delivers


………………but through knowledge shall the just be delivered. Proverbs 11:9b

Assuming you have all the money in the world and do not know what it can do for you, you may live your life as a poor man.

Likewise, you may be a born again Christian, but if you do not know who you are in Christ Jesus and what authority you have in Him, you may as well remain under the torture of the wicked one – defeated, depressed, bitter………..

Our lesson today is a reminder that knowledge delivers.

…..Through Knowledge shall the righteous be delivered

Are you going through any challenge in life, do you seek improvement in your relationship with God, your business, finance, health, family challenges, etc., seek the right knowledge today THROUGH GOD, for therein shall you be delivered.

Food For Thought: The Word of God is the embodiment (totality) of all knowledge. Go for God’s Word!

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