Baby Name Gender Meaning
Zacchaeus M Clean and pure
Zachaios M Remembered by God
Zachariah M God remembers
Zacharias M God remembers
Zachary M God remembers
Zachely M Remembered by God
Zadok M Just
Zahara F Day break
Zahavah F Golden
Zamora F Praised
Zane M Gift from God
Zaneta F God’s gift
Zani M Gift from God
Zanna F God’s gift
Zara F Day’s awakening
Zarad M Ambush
Zarah F Day’s awakening
Zarahlinda F Beautiful dawn
Zared M Ambush
Zayit M Olive
Zebadiah M Gift from God
Zebediah M Gift from God
Zebulon M From the dwelling place
Zebulun M Habitation
Zechariah M Jehovah has remembered
Zecharya M Jehovah has remembered
Zedekiah M God’s justice
Ze’ev M Wolf
Zehave F Golden
Zehavi F Golden
Zehavit F Golden
Zehira F Protected
Zehuva F Golden

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Baby Name Gender Meaning
Zeke M Abbreviation of Ezekiel
Zemil F Joyous melody
Zemira F Song of joy
Zemirah F Joyous melody
Zemora F Praised
Zephan M Treasured by God
Zephaniah M Treasured by God
Zera F Seed
Zera’im F Seed
Zerlinda F Beautiful dawn
Z’ev M Wolf
Zevulun M Habitation
Zibia F Doe
Zibiah F Doe
Zilla F Shadow
Zillah F Shadow
Zilpah F Dignified
Zimra F Song of praise
Zimra M Song
Zimri M My song
Zimria F Song of praise
Zippora F Beauty
Zipporah F Beauty
Ziv M Brightness
Ziva F Splendor
Zohar F Sparkles
Zohar M Sparkles
Zoheret F Sparkles
Zulema F Peace or tranquility
Zulima F Peace or tranquility
Zuriel M Stone

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