German Refugees Still Turning To Christ Despite Increased Muslim Attacks


Pray for these dear converts, that they may be strong in the Lord and be strengthened by His power!

The numbers of those refugees giving their lives to Christ in Germany continues to rise despite increased persecution from Muslims. Thousands are converting from Islam to Christianity, Deutsche Welle reported, citing church leaders from the country. “Right now we have five people with us who have been assaulted. One has lost some of his teeth and one of the others has a wound that had to be sewn up,” Berlin pastor Gottfried Martens said.

Martens said Christian converts are forced to secretly sneak out of the refugee camps to attend their church services. They also make sure to hide the cross necklaces they receive after baptism, he added. Sometimes, the threatening behaviour turns violent. A 38-year-old Afghan mother, for instance, was recently stabbed to death by a “very religious” Afghan man, the report said.

An Open Doors report revelaed that 617 of the 743 respondents included in its survey were assaulted multiple times, with 416 of them subjected to violent attacks, 314 received death threats, and 44 sexually assaulted.


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