First Lesbian Bishop Says She Has ‘More In Common With Muslims Than Christians’

First lesbian bishop Eva-Brunne
First lesbian bishop Eva-Brunne

World’s first openly lesbian bishop Eva Brunne, says she has more in common with some Muslims than with conservative Christians and believes Christians and Muslims pray to the same god.

Eva Brunne, a bishop of Church of Sweden in Stockholm, has also said Muslim worshippers in churches are “angels” and that churches should remove all crosses that might offend the Muslims and instead mark the direction to Mecca for prayers.

This follows a trend in the Swedish Church to find common ground with Islam. During a church meeting last November, a motion to ban the Islamic call to prayer in Swedish cities was voted down, with some church officials saying it would be an “amazing” opportunity for more people to meet the “love of Allah.”

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Meanwhile, attendance in the Church of Sweden has fallen dramatically, with many parishes unable to “make ends meet” according to a report which said the church will lose “well over one million members within a 10-year period.”

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  1. Eva,

    Baloney. The Muslims pray to the god of this world, satan, if you have more in common with them why don’t you become one? You know what the word of God says about homosexuality so I’m not even going to comment about that you should know better.

    Earl Ritter

  2. Her statement is total delusion. It is incomprehensible that anyone would take such a position with such a loose grasp of facts…Her own position speaks volumes of what Western Christianity has sunk to.

    • There is no need to go into much discussion before a person knows who you are Eva, being a lesbian and also holding the Bishopric position cannot change the fact that you have another person as your master other than CHRIST JESUS.

  3. We are not in common terms bcos u will not even live in a Muslim environment not saying taking a position like this in a religion am sorry for Christianity

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