A Former Muslim Scholar, Dr. Daniel Shayesteh, who now Preaches Christ crucified has shared amazing testimony of his life as a Muslim and why he converted to Christianity.

Dr. Daniel said: I was a person who cried several times to Allah: I want to kill Christians, I want to kill Jews, I want to glorify your name. I and my friends in the Iran government have planned several things, evil things for both Christians and Jews, but by the grace of God I am here, speaking for the glory of His name.

Once trying to destroy the Church, but now I’m trying to establish the Church of God, strengthen it and cherish my love to all other nations, including Muslims.

Watch complete testimony of Daniel’s testimony below:

Daniel is married to Mary and they have three daughters. He is currently, Director of the inter-denominational organisation “Exodus from Darkness” and a National Evangelist for the Christian and Missionary Alliance of Australia and America.

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