Turkey has been a tumultuous place in recent months. Following the large-scale coup in July, 40,000 suspected dissidents have been arrested. And just this week, the Russian ambassador was murdered while in Turkey by a Muslim extremist.

Pastor Andrew Brunson was detained and imprisoned by the Turkish government for allegedly having ties to the Gülen movement whose followers are accused of inciting last July’s coup in Turkey.

Christians are joining together to launch a campaign for the freedom of the U.S. pastor who is imprisoned in Turkey.

Bunson is the pastor of Izmir Resurrection Church on Turkey’s west coast. He has served as a missionary in Turkey for 23 years prior to his arrest.

The American Center for Law and Justice has however, taken on Brunson’s case and has launched a petition has been signed by more than 100,000 people, to have him released.

Turkey is primarily a Muslim country, with Christians and other non-Muslims comprising less than one percent of the population.



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