I Can’t Go Into Secular Music: Ada


Secular music is about money and fame while gospel is about the teaching or revelation of Christ

Unlike some other gospel artistes who envy what  goes on in the secular music scene, Ada Ogochukwu-Ehi or Ada as she is fondly called, believes that the sky is wide enough for all to thrive in whatever genres they choose.

No wonder, since she graduated from the Lagos State University, Ojo, in 2007, she has not done any other job than the gospel trade. And she seems to be having it cool, while believing that God still has a lot in store for her. For one, she does not see herself backsliding into secular music for any reason.

She says, “Where I stand I see a lot of gospel artistes doing exceedingly well. We have the best-selling records. Of course, that is one of the reasons why we are here and you can take notice that we actually do fantastic sales. I released the video, Jesus, two months ago and it hit over one million views on YouTube in one month. Yet, you have a lot of big secular videos struggling with 300,000 views in a month.  That is why you should realise that God is in the business of changing lives and He is doing it every day.”

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According to her, she does not envy secular acts because her romance with Christ is not only eternally assuring, it is also physically rewarding.

Ada explains, “Secular music is about money and fame while gospel is about the teaching or revelation of Christ. So, we have different priorities, we are not on the same mission. It is the mission that determines the road you take to your destination. So, we are not here for fame or for the money.

“We are not promoting Ada, we are not promoting looks or money.  Our mission is soul winning and that is what we are more interested in.  And we are not here to get noticed or endorsements, we are to preach through music. So, if those in secular music have more endorsements it is so because that is what they are about and so they are going to go out looking for it. But we are not looking out for endorsements;  well, if endorsement  comes, praise God! Otherwise, we are on course. Infact, at the moment,  I have an endorsement that is still running.”

Beyond the deep passion that Ada has for gospel music, her confidence in the genre is very strong.

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